12 ways to let go of a bad day

Had a roughhhhh day? Do you keep going over what happened? Want to let that bad day go and move on with your life? This is the blog for you 🙂 

It’s hard when a triggering or tough moment leaves the emotional wind knocked out of you. Especially as educators, we are constantly looking to improve and level up; it can be challenging to leave that moment/event in the past. 

Here’s a nice list of 12 different things to try, so you can re-center on the positives in yourself and your life:

1. Move your body

Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Hit the gym. Dance it out. Run. Maybe try a fun workout on YouTube.

Whatever feels good to you 🙂

Moving your body helps you release stored tension and releases positive endorphins improving your mood.

2. Talk to someone

A friend, a therapist. Just talking to someone can help immensely.

They can provide a kind, listening ear or shoulder. A therapist can often provide some helpful perspective and advice.

3. Journal about it

Purge those feelings and thoughts from your mind and present moment. Just writing down what happened and how you felt/feel can be immensely powerful.

You can even rip up or burn the paper which might help you feel better as well!

For more on journaling check out our blog on the topic.

4. Meditate

Meditation is an incredible tool to help us manage turbulent emotional times. Here’s a couple of great guided meditation options to release a bad day:

5. Do a candle ritual

Write it on a piece of paper and burn it in a candle. Or if you don’t have a candle you could bury it in the ground. 

You could also try saying what you’d like to let go of into the flame of a candle. Plus, candles feel pampering which is just what you need right now 🙂

6. Meet up with (or call) friends

Some good friend time can be just what the doctor ordered to cleanse the emotional palate.

7. Write a gratitude list

It may feel difficult or false at first, but shifting your focus to what you’re grateful for can make a huge difference in mood and perspective. Start with whatever comes to mind. 

You can feel grateful for friends, a snack, a song, yourself, your home, or anything else that comes to mind. Nothing is too big or small to practice gratitude 🙂 

8. Stop perseverating / Leave it behind

When we’ve had a bad day or jarring moment, we have a tendency to focus on it and keep replaying it in our minds. This is understandable. 

However, going over it again and again only hurts us. We must choose to leave these thoughts behind. 

It can be difficult. Try something from this list to move our focus away from these thoughts. 

9. Treat Yourself

You are so deserving! 

Is there something you’ve had your eye on? Buy it for yourself.

Maybe get a delicious treat or donate to a cause that brings your heart joy 🙂 

10. Take a bath or shower

Take some time just for you. You can even visualize the water washing away your worries and stress 🙂

11. Watch your favorite movie / show

Re-watching a beloved movie or show after a long day can be so therapeutic.

For one, you already know what’s coming, so it is easy on the nerves. 

For two, you love it and can fill up on all the positive feels and vibes!

12. Listen to uplifting music

Do you have a favorite song or band/artist? Put it on! 

Is there a song that always makes you feel better? Try it out! 

Maybe even put all these songs together on a Feel Better Playlist. Then anytime you’re feeling frustrated or blue, you can pump those jams 🙂 

Find what works for you

Not all of these will work for you (and different ones might work for different moments). That’s totally okay! Honor what is speaking to you in each moment. Try some different ones out just to see. 

Remember: you are worth being a priority and feeling positive in your life. You’re absolutely incredible! 

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