8 ways to fold self-love into your daily routine

1. How do you start your day?

Many recommend practicing gratitude to start your day. What are two things you

are grateful for? Make a list in your mind before even getting out of bed, or write them in a journal you keep near your bed.

This way, you have started your day positively focusing on what you appreciate.

Spiritual people also believe that focusing on gratitude and positives brings even more of those things into your life.

However you’d like to start your day, make it as positive and energizing as you can. You deserve to start your day feeling fabulous, darlings! 🙂


2. What does your morning routine look like?

Think about your morning routine. How does it make you feel?

However it makes you feel is totally okay. This is just information.

It’s very helpful information that can assist you in making any changes or enhancements to that routine to best support your health, happiness, and confidence.

What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Is there a way to give more time to that or to add items that give you similar feels?

Mornings should start your day off with positivity and be energizing. Think of activities that give you those vibes. Then, work them into your daily/weekly morning routines.

3. Add 5 min of yoga or stretching every day

Can you find 5 minutes in your day to invest in your well-being and clarity of mind? Adding just 5 minutes of stretching or yoga can help you feel lighter, brighter, and ready to tackle anything in your day.

Beyond the daily benefits of some stretching and breathing exercises, the momentum of that 5 minutes every day adds up over time to something pretty spectacular.

You might notice yourself taking a deep breath before tackling challenging situations. Maybe that tightness in your lower back slowly fades away.

All the benefits are yours to discover. All you need is 5 minutes 🙂


4. Self love even at work

Wondering how to continue taking care of yourself even at work? Check out this awesome blog on how to use your lunch break and prep hour to replenish 🙂

Firstly, meet your basic human needs. Like breathing. Drinking water. Make sure you have time for bathroom breaks.

Ensure you get to eat all of your lunch. If that’s impossible for you, maybe you can break your lunch into several smaller snacks throughout the day.

You can even have a student in charge of reminding you to eat your snacks at different times. This is an excellent way to build rapport with a challenging or particularly energetic/squirrely student.

We know how much you love and care about your students. You deserve to be a priority too.

Model for them how to take care of themselves. Also, you’ll be a better asset to them as your healthiest, happiest, and best self.


5. Exercise / Connection / Movement

Get that awesome body moving! Movement helps release stress, strengthen the body and it is so good to get the blood flowing.

My personal favorite is yoga so I try to practice at least 3-4 times a week.

What exercise/movement feels the best to you or is the most fun for you?

How often would be reasonable for you to enjoy said movement(s)? Add those to your calendar.

If possible, maybe even book them so you are committed to giving yourself what you need. If booking it isn’t currently possible, try to go on the way to or from work.

It can be hard to re-motivate yourself to leave your home again once you’ve landed from work. That’s okay.

Keep that in mind when scheduling your movement times throughout the week. I used to go to a yoga class before work to make sure I prioritized myself (and didn’t end up staying too late and missing my class).

Starting my day with a little sweat and zen was perfect for me. I didn’t work myself too haggard and had way more patience with my students after some great yoga flows.

6. How do you wind down after work?

What are your favorite activities to release stress and feel calm and grounded? Maybe a bath? Coloring? A beer? Going for a walk? Some trashy TV? A little yoga?

The possibilities are endless. Don’t feel limited to what you can give yourself; the only limits are your own imagination!

Make sure you give yourself at least 15 minutes just for you every night. You absolutely deserve it!


7. Nighttime routine

How do you spend your evenings after work? How much of that time is for you and/or your family?

It is important to separate work and you-time in whatever way or format works best for you. I used to leave work at work to help cultivate work-life balance for myself.

Whatever you decide to do it can be helpful to have a cut-off time for when you/family time begins. Then, fill your night-time routine with activities and stillness time that bring you joy, peace, and creative expression.

If you have a family make sure you have time for family AND time for yourself.

Both are essential.

If you live alone, schedule weekly get-togethers with your fav peeps and take advantage of extra you time. Try a new hobby or enjoy the extra time for reading, meditating, coloring, painting, bath time, etc. 

Basically, make sure your nighttime routines have you prioritized in there. Even if it is just 15 minutes. You deserve at least 15 minutes for you each and every night.

8. Rest

Having trouble falling asleep at night? We’ve all been there. 

Perhaps try a night-time meditation or sleepy playlist? If those aren’t your flavor, the 4-7-8 breath technique is a great way to slow the heart rate and feel more peaceful.   

You inhale for a count of 4, hold at the top for a count of 7, and exhale for a count of 8.

Try your best, but don’t worry if you can’t quite reach all the numbers exactly at first. Just do what you can do. 🙂

Try to get at least 7-8 hours of solid sleep each night. You deserve a peaceful rest.

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