8 ways to use lunch and prep to replenish

Illustration by Courtnay Hough

1. Go to the Restroom

Take care of those physical needs/bodily functions first. We know you’ve been holding it for hours (maybe even all day so far). 

Even if you’re not sure you need to go, simply go to the restroom. You might be surprised how nice it feels to not be rushed and just take care of business. 

Extra bonus! Our digestive systems work the best when they don’t feel rushed or under stress. Take a few minutes and see if your stomach knots untangle themselves. Even if all you do is spend a few quiet minutes in the restroom, would that really be the worst thing?

Illustration By Courtnay Hough

2. Give yourself what YOU need

Prioritize yourself during these times. The rest of the day is centered around what is best for your students. During your lunch and prep: you and your needs should be the focal points. 

Check-in with yourself: how are you feeling? What do you need right now? What would help you feel lighter or more refreshed? 

Remind yourself that however you are feeling that it is totally okay. If you’re feeling stressed today, that’s okay. Maybe a meditation or quick yoga flow would help. 

If you’re feeling tired perhaps an energizing song and a cup of coffee would do the trick.


3. Center yourself

What helps you feel calm, peaceful, energized? Perhaps make a sticky note list of your favorite centering activities. Then every day at the start of your prep pick one of those activities out and do it first 🙂 

Think back to when you checked in with yourself. How are you feeling? What do you need? Pick one of your centering options that best matches up with your needs for today. 

If you’re not sure what sort of activities to try, we recommend: 

4. Pick the ideal location for you today

Check-in with yourself: are you craving more quiet time or adult socialization? If you’d like more peaceful time, perhaps enjoy your lunch in your room with enjoyable music playing. Don’t forget to savor each bite 😉 

However, if you’re feeling you’d love to connect and share with your colleagues: head down to the faculty break or lunchroom. Be sure to pick where you sit carefully. Try to find coworkers who love to share positives and build each other up. Enjoy these moments and just enjoy each other as humans 🙂 

It’s totally okay if where you want to be varies each day. Take a moment to check in with yourself and determine what environment would best serve you today. And then do that! 🙂 


5. Focus on chewing and enjoying every bite

Seriously, so many studies have shown numerous benefits to mindful eating. These benefits include:  

  • absorbing more nutrients 
  • maintaining a healthy weight 
  • aiding digestion
  • increased satisfaction from taking the time to enjoy your food

By simply paying attention to each bite and taking the time to chew all food thoroughly, your health could improve. Plus, you’re totally leveling up on your mindfulness as well! 

You 100% deserve to enjoy each and every bite. Give yourself permission to slow down, and savor every morsel. That’s what lunch is for! 

Re-fuel your body and your mind. Take those lunch minutes for you.


6. Write down your top 5 favorite moments of the day

What moments have filled your heart with joy and happiness? Did part of your lesson go amazingly? Did you witness a student who has been struggling really get it? Did a colleague have a moment of success that made you proud? 

Whatever these top 5 moments are, write them down. Post them on your computer or near your To-Do list: a place you’ll get to see multiple times for the rest of the day. 

These top 5 can range from simple: like had time for coffee to profound: challenging student opened up to you. Each day is different, so please celebrate the positive moments from today! 


7. Affirmations!

Write down or say aloud to yourself 5 of these 20 affirmations. Feel free to mix it up every day and pick the ones that are calling to you in that moment. 

  1. I am worthy.
  2. I am talented with some talents I have yet to discover. 
  3. I am capable. 
  4. I see so much positivity in the world and in myself. 
  5. I am strong. 
  6. Today is going to be a great day. 
  7. I am proud of myself. 
  8. I am becoming more confident every day. 
  9. I am intelligent. 
  10. I am loved. 
  11.  I will be kind to myself and others today. 
  12. I am doing my best. 
  13. I am grounded. 
  14. I choose to be happy and love myself today. 
  15. I believe in myself. 
  16. My possibilities are endless. 
  17. I am grateful for adversity because it gives me the opportunity to grow. 
  18. I can create the life I dream of. 
  19. My strength is greater than my struggles. 
  20.  I am powerful. 
Illustration by Courtnay Hough

Pick the top 2

Select the two items from your To-Do list to focus your energies on the two things you’d like to accomplish today. Set all other tasks and items aside; they can wait. 

Remind yourself how amazing you are and that you’ve absolutely got this! 

Dive in 🙂 Take breaks as needed to encourage yourself/re-center. 


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